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News & Insights / Content Distribution

by Megan Boyce, October 2023

Video has become a powerful tool for businesses to engage, educate, and entertain their audiences and is an essential aspect of your overall content strategy. When it comes to video …

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Topics:HubSpotContent Distribution

by Ryan Thibodeaux, December 2019

Investment advisors and portfolio managers alike often struggle articulating why Fund A is better than Fund B. While everyone understands absolute returns (the upside) and most have an appreciation for …

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Topics:Content Distribution

by Jonathan Bale, September 2019

The Goodwood Consulting team recently participated in the Ultimus Distribution Advantage webinar series, where we shared our insights and demonstrated the technology, tools and processes that we implement for our …

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by Abby Brown, August 2019

In the investment management industry, content assets like quarterly commentary are not just important in the marketing and sales process, but also client relations. Stakeholders want to hear what you …

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