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Ryan Thibodeaux

Ryan Thibodeaux

Recent Posts by Ryan Thibodeaux:

by Ryan Thibodeaux, December 2023

At Goodwood Consulting, we specialize in enhancing CRM systems, particularly HubSpot and Salesforce, through our Insycle integration services tailored for investment managers. We focus on delivering customized features like automated …

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by Ryan Thibodeaux, November 2023

In the complex web of investment management, relationships between entities, advisors, and clients are the lifeline of sustained growth and client retention. Investment firms, mutual fund managers, and private equity …

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by Ryan Thibodeaux, February 2023

Goodwood Consulting and AdvizorPro today announced a strategic partnership bringing together Goodwood's expertise in marketing and sales technology automation with AdvizorPro's data and software integrations. Together, the two companies offer …

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by Ryan Thibodeaux, November 2022

CRM users are frequently frustrated by seemingly simple searches that become far too complicated. All alliteration antics aside, we love solving for these daily challenges with automations that are easy …

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by Ryan Thibodeaux, October 2021

As digital marketing continues to evolve, so do we. At Goodwood Consulting, our mission is to continually find ways to improve, keep up with the latest trends, and help investment …

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by Ryan Thibodeaux, June 2021

Many of our clients run dual CRMs, both HubSpot and Salesforce, for various reasons. For example, HubSpot is typically the primary system for inbound and outbound marketing, while Salesforce may …

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by Ryan Thibodeaux, April 2021

The team at Goodwood Consulting is raising funds for the mission of Autism Speaks - enhancing lives today and accelerating a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow. Please support us by …

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Topics:Assets for Autism

by Ryan Thibodeaux, August 2020

In support of our continued growth, Goodwood Consulting welcomes David Askew, CFA as Managing Director. Over the past 3 years, Goodwood has built a unique and compelling service offering for …

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Topics:Meet the Team

by Ryan Thibodeaux, December 2019

Investment advisors and portfolio managers alike often struggle articulating why Fund A is better than Fund B. While everyone understands absolute returns (the upside) and most have an appreciation for …

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Topics:Content Distribution

by Ryan Thibodeaux, October 2019

Investment management firms frequently create marketing materials that are approved for "Institutional Use Only" or "Financial Professional Use Only", and therefore typically only use these materials in one-on-one communications with …

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