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HubSpot + Zapier | Solving for CRM Metro Area Data

by Ryan Thibodeaux, November 2022

CRM users are frequently frustrated by seemingly simple searches that become far too complicated. All alliteration antics aside, we love solving for these daily challenges with automations that are easy to implement and manage. For many of our clients, filtering by Metro Area has been a persistent nuisance. For example, let's say you want to find all Customers in your CRM in the Houston Metro Area to send them a congratulatory note, as well as send your condolences to those in Philly.

Do you filter by City and State? No, that won't work since the Houston Metro Area is over 10,000 square miles, includes nine counties and is the fifth most populous MSA in the country1.

We set out to solve this problem once and for all. Here's how we did it. 

  1. Acquire Metropolitan Statistical Area source data that includes City, State and Zip Codes
  2. Prepare your Source Data and your CRM by:
    1. Standardizing City and State values in Contact records
    2.  Create custom "lookup" properties by concatenating city_state in Source Data file and CRM Contact records for matching
    3. Create custom Contact record properties for Metro Area using "pick-lists", not text fields, comprised of all unique values from Source Data - this will make CRM filtering significantly more user friendly

  3. Automate the process of finding Metro Area for Contact records across your entire CRM, both current and going forward with Workflows.
  4. HubSpot CRM + Operations Hub Pro 
    1. Using HubSpot Workflows with Operations Hub features enables Contact workflows to trigger webhooks 
    2. This will allow you to make requests to external data sources using data from your HubSpot CRM. 
  5. Webhooks by Zapier Integrations
    1. Using Zapier webhooks as triggers, you can process the data request that your HubSpot Workflow is making
  6. Google Sheets Zapier Integrations
    1. Using Google Sheets, you can host your MSA Source Data file for your Zapier integrations to access
  7. HubSpot Zapier Integrations
    1. Finally, you can send the Metro Area data back to HubSpot to be stored in the Contact records you've requested. 


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