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Goodwood Consulting Becomes HubSpot Platinum Partner

by Jonathan Bale, August 2020

As digital marketing continues to evolve, so do we. At Goodwood Consulting, our mission is to continually find ways to improve, keep up with the latest trends, and help investment managers and financial service companies integrate and automate all aspects of their marketing, communications and sales efforts.

We are proud to announce that we have officially become a HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner.

What Makes a HubSpot Platinum Partner?

Since 2006, HubSpot has been the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales platform. More than 60,000 customers in over 100 countries use their services.

To expand their efforts and help businesses take advantage of everything HubSpot has to offer, they work with marketing agency partners all over the world - including Goodwood Consulting.

There are more than 4,500 HubSpot Agency Partners across the globe. HubSpot Platinum Partners represent the top decile of all Agency Partners. Within this elite group, Goodwood Consulting is one of only 20 firms that serve the investment management industry and the ONLY firm to focus on it exclusively.

How Will This Allow Us to Better Serve Our Clients?

Becoming a Platinum Partner is hard work, and HubSpot is continually raising the standards of their training. It’s not enough to just sign up for the HubSpot platform. Month after month, we have proven ourselves by using HubSpot to its full potential. We continue to use HubSpot’s training tools to better our team and to adapt to the changes in the digital marketing landscape.

When you partner with Goodwood Consulting, rest assured that your business is in good hands. Getting certified Platinum guarantees our clients that they’re getting service from some of the most highly trained digital experts in America.

One of the privileges of being a Platinum Agency is gaining exclusive access to the latest HubSpot products and services. It gives Goodwood Consulting the ability to provide your team with the best tools and technology to help you reach your goals.

We’re excited to start using the benefits of this Platinum status to help our clients.

How Can We Help You?

Goodwood Consulting helps investment managers and financial services companies integrate and automate all aspects of their marketing, communications and sales efforts. We then integrate all aspects of marketing, communications, compliance, sales and client relations into the CRM to give clients unparalleled insights into how it all comes together and enable them to take the necessary actions.

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